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Want to ensure your children don’t suffer from your parental dispute? Ongoing conflict hurts kids in the long term so let us help you find a solution sooner, rather than later.

The way in which parents handle a family break-up can have an enormous effect on the way children cope with their lives. It is not separation but ongoing conflict that hurts kids in the long term so maintaining a workable relationship with your ex is definitely worth the effort for you and your child’s long-term well-being.

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Through DA Family Lawyers’ expertise in this area, we can really help you avoid the pitfalls of separation. You’ll probably be worried about how you and your children will cope, and we can give guidance to help you and your child recover from this hard time. Families handle separation in many different ways and family law changes may also be relevant to the decisions you make. Whether you are newly separated, sorting out new arrangements or ready to re-partner, we can provide relevant advice.

DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane are focused on resolving parenting disputes in a respectful and efficient manner. This involves working collaboratively with the other parent’s lawyer if appropriate and trying our best to resolve the matter without having to go to court. DA Family Lawyers handle all cases with sensitivity and respect.

There are some cases however that involve serious issues of neglect and abuse that do require court intervention and our lawyers Deborah Awyzio and Leanne Walsh are experienced independent children’s lawyers who have experience in dealing with those type of matters.

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